Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and a tutorial- how to make a polymer clay pumpkin

Hello everybody!

Happy Halloween! 
I know, I know. It's a bit late to bring you a tutorial on how to make a polymer clay pumpkin. My fault. I apologize. But so far this has been a crazy week for me even if we don't celebrate Halloween in Portugal. 

I found this tutorial on Facebook and I thought it was great. The artist stated it was free to share. But even so I asked him if I could share it here on this new blog. 

I truly admire people who are this talented. Just watch the delicate step-by-step. But I was even more surprised when I realized who this sculptor was. His name is Jeff Stahl or Jean- Fran├žois Stahl. He's a french artist. I was already a fan of his digital painting work before I found this tutorial. 

Stahl is truly amazing. You can take a look at his blog called l'art blog de Jeff Stalh or at his Deviantart or you can follow his Facebook Page. He's a master of digital caricature but he also does oil painting like a God. Oh, you must think I am exaggerating? I am not. Jeff Bridges, Piaf, Lennon, Mandela. He captures everyone brilliantly!Whether he uses Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Cintiq tablet and digital pen or a plain ink pen he always creates works of art. I like his sketches very much. I am not publishing here any works so you go there and see for yourselves. 

Here's the tutorial! I hope you enjoy it! May it inspires you to explore creativity!

(Photo and step-by-step by Jeff Stahl)

"1. What you need: polymer clay (SuperSculpey Firm used here, or FIMO), 1 toothpick, 1 small soft round brush, 1 very small brush, acrylic paint (burnt sienna, cadmium orange hue, cadmium yellow medium hue, cadmium yellow light hue), a twig, a paper towel.
2. Make a little ball.
3. Flatten the ball slightly and, starting from the top, imprint grooves by pushing the toothpick against the clay. Don't carve, just press.
4. Once done, it should look like this. Note how I pressed the toothpick a little stronger in the center, with the tip.
5. Create the outline of the pumpkin's "cap". I used a specific tool here but you can also do it with the toothpick or anything flat and thin.
6. You can start carving the face. Also push the twig into the "cap".
7. Add thin lines and other details to have a nice texture and lightly smooth everything out with the soft brush, as if you were painting. Remove the twig.
Bake in a regular oven (if you can, better use another oven than the one you use for the food) at 275 °F (130 °C) for 15 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness (for SuperSculpey Firm.)
8. Once cooled and hardened, paint the base color, burnt sienna.
9. Once dry, time for the dry brushing. Drybrush technique means you barely load your brush with paint. Load some cadmium orange hue on your brush (don't use water) and clean it on the paper towel (see pic.10). Once the brush is almost dry, do a first pass on the whole pumpkin, as if you were caressing the surface. Don't try to cover all the brown base.
Repeat with cadmium yellow medium hue. The result should be subtle.
11. With the very small brush, add some cadmium yellow light on the inner borders of the eyes, nose and mouth.
12. Tadaaaa! You now have a cute little pumpkin that will decorate your Halloween table and impress everyone!
Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends and family so everyone can start making their own little pumpkins!"

This was the final result!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Illustrations made with food

Samantha Lee's site is about illustration but is also about food. She doesn't use color crayons or ink to illustrate. Instead Samantha plays with food to create whimsical illustrations. She uses scissors, knives and toothpicks to craft delicious illustrations inspired by characters of all sorts. Then she takes photos of it! This Malaysian mother with two daughters has more than 260,000  followers on Instagram. She started doing this food art in 2008 to encourage her elder daughter to eat! She also has a blog and a Facebook page. Not boring at all!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jo James makes amazing contemporary folk art

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

I want to use this space to share the work of amazing artists other than Zazzle's. Some of them may have stores at Zazzle too. But they create handmade work and they sell it using blogs and personal sites or places like Etsy. I guess it will not be boring! What's your say?

This happens mainly because I love handmade work. Most people does. I think handmade creations are somehow more authentic and likable. Maybe it's because we can't find two exactly the same. That tiny amount of difference is what makes each piece of work unique and less perfect than something that's mass produced. But that's why we like handmade. Because it reminds us of ourselves. We all are individuals, we are unique. And each one of us is a work of art! Instead of cold and automatic machines handmade creations have humans in control of the process.  A machine uses energy to create a product. An artist uses passion. A machine works without breaks and fast. A person takes time, a person breathes between the process, dreams, laughs, cries. A person has a life. That's why handmade things have a soul. They were made out of a maker's inspiration. To create an handmade piece is a labour of passion. 

Now let me share with you the wonderful creations of Jo James, from Portland, Oregon. She creates contemporary folk art. Jo uses fabric, painted cloth, wood, ink and other materials to create characters - owls, pandas, birds, cats, or dolls inspired by Alice, clowns and more! They are both sweet and odd. Each one is unique and fabulous. Jo James has great artistic skills and an incredible imagination. You must check her blog The cart before the horse if you want to get a glimpse of how all this magic happens. She sells at Etsy. There's also a great Facebook Page you can follow. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stay spooky with Zazzle.

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

This is a Shirts or Bags post. As for T Shirts you can check my previous post Halloween traditions and Tshirts. I have more than 60 tshirts listed. It's a real time saver if you want to use this code. 

You can check this tshirt here.

Halloween without yummy treats isn't Halloween. And with treats come treat bags! So have a look of what Zazzle has to offer.  I am showing you more than 50 tote bags inspired by Trick or Treat Halloween tradition. Some you can personalize and add the child's name. Enjoy the selection!

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