Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween, scary movies and greeting cards

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A couple of weeks I watched a movie called The host. I kind of liked it. The host is about a monster that emerges from Seoul's Han River to attack people. He takes a little girl with him to an underground passage. Her family joins efforts to save her. I was positivelly impressed with this corean movie! Actually the story is good and characters are fine too. Usually I do not watch movies with monsters, zombies or supernatural forces. It's not that I am easilly scared. I even like to jump on my seat once or twice!But I do prefer other well written stories with some quality suspense and less horror scenes. Many recent horror movies are over what I consider acceptable. Too much blood, too much of everything but a good story.As the movies are one important source to the collective imaginary Halloween imagery is now probably more horrifying than it was some years ago. And maybe some monsters are really too scary to the little ones!Probably some parents find motifs to worry about it, things are different than they were when they were children.

When I think about it it's a bit strange that people enjoy Halloween because bottom line it celebrates the mistery of death. Death is the unknown. For some it's the end and that's it. For others it's another beginning. Some are at ease with it, some fear it. But I don't consider it a pleasant subject! And what's so funny about being scared afterall? No one like's to be scared for real. Maybe liking Halloween or liking scary movies is all about the same reason. People enjoy the emotional response to it. It's a question of adrenaline and hormones, not a rational thing.This is kind of a game where you can try a bit of danger but you know that you're safe. For children it can be a great way of growing up. As they play dressed in costumes they manipulate the monsters and ghosts faith and they overcome their fear of it! Some kids not not dress in scary costumes, some pick other characters. I guess they can feel like an actress or actor for a day. A hero maybe! With adults is the same.It's just a way to escape routine and drop inhibitions.

One part of celebrating Halloween is sending greeting cards. Many of us use email and e-cards and mobile phone text messaging to send greetings. But Halloween Greeting Cards are very popular.

Here's a sample of some of the best Halloween Greeting Cards I found available from Zazzle stores. Some are funny, some are scary.Some are created with digital, some are pencil and ink. But I like them all. Take a look and enjoy the art and talent of Zazzle designers and illustrators! Best WITCHES to you! 

Happy Halloween Greeting Cards
Happy Halloween Greeting Cards by thefightingcock
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"Skeleton Magic" Greeting Card
"Skeleton Magic" Greeting Card by strangeling
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Black Spider Greeting Card
Black Spider Greeting Card by CreatureCreations
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Prickly Pumpkin-card
Prickly Pumpkin-card by 5150TwinArt
Design unique personalized note cards from
Oh, Snap Skeleton Greeting Card
Oh, Snap Skeleton Greeting Card by pinkinkart
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The Great Pumpkin Greeting Card
The Great Pumpkin Greeting Card by DocWyatt
Add your photos and text to blank greeting cards at Zazzle
Vintage Halloween Collage Card
Vintage Halloween Collage Card by Sandyspider
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Halloween Witch Cards
Halloween Witch Cards by forbes1954
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  1. These are all really scary and cool cards. Thanks for including one of mine here.


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