Monday, November 11, 2013

More ideas for Christmas gifts from Zazzle store owners

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

Following my previous post about gifts from Zazzle stores you just can't miss, here I am with a new batch of wonderful creations from Zazzle store keepers and artists. I promised that this Monday I will be back. So here I am!

These two posts are a way to thank the first 38 persons who Liked my new Facebook page's store. BUT 7 persons are still missing from this list because I can't trace it. A week ago I picked this list. But I realized that the number of Likes in the page has no correspondence with the list of names that Facebook is giving me. So I just can't say who are the remaining 7 missing persons. What a mistery! I will keep checking my page and try to solve this situation.

Last week I got the flu. I hardly did anything but sneezing and sleeping. Finally this monday I am feeling better. I got sales from my Christmas products and I find that a surprise because the store is new and I haven't been able to promote. I must say that if this is happening it is also because some of you are promoting. So I am really grateful.

I hope you like the surprise and this selection! Enjoy!

14. From Suzee Corbell

15. From Edite Azevedo

16. From Robyn Anderson

Robyn isn't a Zazzle seller. Anyway, Thank you Robyn!

17. From Joanna Bromly

18. From Guy McDonald

19. From Mary S. Morris
20. From Mark Highton Ridley
21. From Elisabeth Anthony

She does not seem to be a seller. She lives in Australia. Thank you Elisabeth!

22. From Ross Heywood

23. From Patti Adkins
24. From Lauren Sachse
25. From Nanae Takata
Colorful Happy Bee Messenger Bags
Colorful Happy Bee Messenger Bags by Rainbow7iro
See more Colorful Messenger Bags at

26. From Zazu at Zazzle
Blue Flowers Greeting Card
Blue Flowers Greeting Card by zazuatzazzle
Check out more Floral Cards at Zazzle
27. From Bahar Ehsani

She does not seem to be a seller. She lives in Italy. Thank you Ehsani!

28.  Liza Dey Photography

29. From Mat Pat

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