Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Using Zazzle Affiliate Helper to pin to Pinterest, of course!

Pinning. Yes, I've been pinning. It's time consuming and a bit boring, isn't it?  Anyway I found this tool Googling for the best and easiest way to pin from Zazzle to Pinterest and decided to try it.It's called Zazzle Affiliate Helper and it was developped by the person who runs this site called Just sold on Zazzle.

I added my associate ID in the box and when I hited the search button something changed. Pin buttons showed up over the products. Some of the products displayed were pretty cool but I wanted to do a search for a certain type of products. The tool allows that. All you have to do is to add a search term or store name to the big box. As I'm into chevron pattern products right now I wrote chevron. This is what I got! Cool, hem?

So, now let's do the pinning and see how it goes. I piccked Charcoal Gray and Coral Chevron Custom Monogram. Then I picked the board of my choice and pinned it. After I checked the source and it was ok, my referral number was there. Also, when I click Visit Zazzle or See this on Zazzle I am redirected to the right page where to find the product. It was easy! In my opinion it's a tool that works and that can save time. A keeper!

The person who created Zazzle Affiliate Helper has four stores at Zazzle.
If you are using this FREE tool, you can consider pinning some products from these stores. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to use Pinstamatic to make Pinterest more fun?

I discovered this tool yesterday. This is what you get when you go to Pinstmatic
It's pretty cool. Let's try it.

The first icon/button on the top is the globe. It will make a website easily pinable! Type in your site's URL on that white space, click Preview and wait...You'll get a screenshot of it! All you have to do next is to PIN it to a board of your liking on Pinterest. You can edit as usual.

The second one are quote marks. It will make it easier to pin inspirational quotes or text. Pinterest doesn't like text. Pinterest is a visual board. You must think of text as image if you want to share it on boards. You will have to dress it a little. Pinstmatic has this tool that will give your text a nice style. All you have to do is text what you want in the white box. If preparing a quote provide the author in the second space bellow. Pick a different style and watch the result. When good, PIN it!

The third one is sticky note. These virtual notes look like their real world counterparts and are for short messages to your followers. Again: you can't use plain text on visual boards. So, choose a color, enter some text and press 'Pin' - that's it!Look at my example - I did use it, it's actually on my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board.

The fourth is SPOTIFY button. I'm a big fan of this service because I listen to music all the time. You can create a pin of a favorite song and its album artwork. If Spotify knows the track, a set of matches will appear. Choose the one you want and then press 'Pin'. If your followers have a Spotify account, clicking on the pin from your board will play the song in Spotify! 

The sixth button is the bird from TWITTER. Add a pin of your Twitter profile. It will provide a simple visual representation of the profile and their last tweet which your followers can click on to take them to the corresponding Twitter page. Just enter the username in the box and press 'Pin'. This Twitter button did not work for me.

The seventh button is a calendar. You can add a date to a Pinterest board, maybe to show what date the board relates to or to let your followers know when St. Patrick's Day is. Just enter the date in the white box. You can use the pop up calendar or manually enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Then press 'Pin' Again, this tool did not work for me. 

The eighth button is for location. To pin a map, enter a location or address in the top box. Matching locations from Google will appear, select the one you want. This button worked. But do you see that box for Description? I wrote it but after pinned it disappeared. I went to Pinterest and re-wrote it. Not nice.

Do you want to see how my Pinterest board is after using Pinstamatic? Here it is. I hope this simple tutorial is useful to you. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to use Pinterest to generate traffic, leads and sales?

Visit No Boring White's profile on Pinterest.

(Yes, my first board is very much about Ireland and Irish traditions.)

Today No Boring White joined Pinterest. In fact the account was already created for some time. But I've been resisting using it. Why? I don't have a clear answer. I think I still don't believe the power of Pinterest to generate traffic, leads or sales. But My January and February sales are not what I expected. And my favorite promoting trilogy - Facebook, Twitter and blogs - seems to be less effective by the week. So I decided to give a try. 

I created my first Pinterest  board and a fellow Zazzler invited my to pin in a big board, big thank you Elena Indolfi, (you can visit her store called "Elenaind" if you want.) So I spent the last hour browsing the net and reading about the famous Pinterest. 

Using Pinterest for promotion means that you must optimize your presence on it using mainly the power of images.Think visually. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and until now the best image-based social media around. In my opinion Pinterest can be a huge time saver or the biggest time thief! It is easy to sign in and get lost on that sea of lovely images! Fashion, advertising, photography, animals, home'll find anything you like on Pinterest. As I said it can be also a big time saver! I used Pinterest for a while as a source for crafts inspiration. I saved tutorials that I might want to try one day. But it has been months since I logged to that account. I really don't have time for it! 

To use Pinterest to fuel my Zazzle store's sales is another story. Everyone is writing wonders about Pinterest as a market tool. I think this sums it, but, easy to say, not that easy to do. 

  • Pinterest buttons

- Use Pin it and Follow button in your sites and blogs - it's done!
Add Pin button to your browser - it's done!
-There's also Pinterest for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Oh, sorry, I don't have  a smart phone or tablet.)

Where to find it? I found this < > on Pinterest heather and that's how I discovered a widget! But all the goodies are here:

- Use categories but find 
original ways to categorize your pins (colors, interests, styles...)

- Use keywords in your pins descriptions and About 

- Use hashtags in your pins descriptions and About

- You can have a personal account or a "business" one - use image, description, About and link of your store or site so Pinterest can reflect your site/store identity.

- Check image link for source before posting
- Give credit to image source in your captions
- Check Terms of Pinterest service

  • How to integrate Pinterest in Facebook and other similar to it?

Go to your settings in Pinterest and find Social Networks section. Click on Link to it. By enabling it you can share the pins you created with Facebook. (Or other networks).
To create a dedicated tab on Facebook and then Pinterest boards, try this ( I did not try it. Facebook isn't working for me!)

  • Interaction

- Follow - Repin - Like - Comment
- Tell your story!
- Cultivate relationships
- Ask your follower's opinion - every follower is a potential customer!
- Build engagement and encourage conversations - ask questions in your descriptions and comments.
- Share images and links across social media
- Let customer know you 

- ...and know your customers
- Guess what kind of information your potential customers want and deliver
- Offer pins that reflets not only your interests but also customer's interests- try to identify these!
- Promote you but don't forget to promote seller fellows also!

  • Check how users are interacting with your content: what is popular?
This is called the source page:

- Use Pinterest as a visual artist
- Use creativity and imagination
- Use image-text, use video, photo creation tools, Instagram, infographics!
- Try to show your product in a new perspective!
- Use Pinterest like a seller would!

- Include $ and price in your product's description so it will show here  (I haven't done this yet.)

- Link the pin to images on your store/site/blog
- Use call to action in your images
- Mark your images with your name/brand
- Pin to other products and services that can benefit your potential customers
- Pin to other products and services that can complement your products
- Consider other own images to diversify and complement the ones of products you sell
- Try to offer added value to your potential customers

  • Get Pinterest savy!
Use Pinterest tools and related sites to make the most of your Pinterest experience. Examples I found. - Use Pinstamatic to create visually appealing Pinterest boards which will drive traffic to you with little effort. Use stickers, music, quotes, images and much more. See how PINSTAMATIC works in my next post! - The simplest way to market your visual content across the web. We can measure how our pins perform.

You have to keep the flow of pins constant. Use or Pinwoot to do it for you. Yes, Pinwoot allows you to schedule pins. Check a brief introduction I wrote about Pinwoot here!

Great articles on Pinterest that you should not miss!

Pinterest HELP

(To be continued!)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gifts for St. Patrick's Day celebration!

When I was a child I enjoyed searching for rare four leaf shamrocks. My grandmother always told me that if I could found one it would give me good luck! Sometimes I find one inside my children books very dry and yelowish! She also told me that each leaf has a different meaning: faith, happiness, love and hope. When she was young she worked in agriculture and she knew lots of stories about plants. I don't think she ever heard about tradition in Ireland. She never spoke me about Ireland! Back then I did not know that shamrocks are a symbol for Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish people traditionally wear a small bunch of shamrocks on their jackets or caps on this day. There’s an Irish legend that stipulates that St. Patrick used the three leaves shamrock to illustrate the concept of the Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) when trying to convert pagans to Christianity. She never spoke me about leprechauns neither! Little unpleasant and lonely old man dressed as a shoe maker with a hat?! Nahh! They work for Fairies and gather golden coins in a pot! They are also a symbol for Irish. 

In addition to all this there’s the color green. Green is the color of Nature in spring and shamrocks. Ireland is also called an Emerald because green is a constant presence in the country. Several revolutionary groups adopted this color for flags and today it appears on the official tri-color (plus white and orange) Irish flag. 

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years. In Dublin and Limerick there are huge celebrations. But in USA parades are also a big tradition. The first one was held there when Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York. The sound of bagpipes and drums become popular. Irish immigrants were not very well accepted in America when they travelled there to escape poverty in the mid 19th century. St. Patrick’s Day parades were a moment to unite and show their power.

Today St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in USA, Australia and Canada. More than 100 St. Patrick's Day parades are held across the United States. New York City and Boston host the biggest celebrations. In Chicago the river is dyed green for some hours! 

Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick's Day dish. I suppose Irish drink beer to go along with it. Although Portugal is a traditional wine producer I do appreciate beer too! We don’t celebrate the occasion in Portugal. But I have some Irish records in my collection: The Pogues, The Dubliners and Luke Kelly. I guess I can cook some corned beef…and get a black Guiness to drink! And get a few shamrocks from the garden! What’s missing, a green t-shirt maybe?! A button? 

What about getting myself some shamrocks' nails coverings? It's a new product from Zazzle and I think it will become very popular! These set of nails are my first customization of the product. What do you think?

Bellow you can find awesome creations for St. Patrick's Day celebration by a hundred or so talented Zazzle artists. Hand picked one by one by me. Find yourself the perfect gift or inspiration or just browse and have fun. Enjoy!

Green White and Orange Zigzag Pillows
Green White and Orange Zigzag Pillows by designs4you
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Flag of Ireland Scarf
Flag of Ireland Scarf by ScarebabyScarves
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Elegant green Shamrocks Tie
Elegant green Shamrocks Tie by wierka
Create your own neck ties with
Green trendy hipster mustache greeting card
Green trendy hipster mustache greeting card by MustacheGifts
Check out other Green handlebar mustache Cards at
St. Patrick's Day Ireland Flag Hat Baseball Cap
St. Patrick's Day Ireland Flag Hat Baseball Cap by jamiecreates1
Find other Embroidered Embroidered Hats at
Personalized Irish pub sign Dartboard With Darts
Personalized Irish pub sign Dartboard With Darts by Paddy_O_Doors
Browse Irish pub sign Dartboards online at
Flag of Ireland Flask
Flag of Ireland Flask by FlagGallery
View Irish Flask online at zazzle
Naughty Irish Girl Tshirt
Naughty Irish Girl Tshirt by HolidayObsessions
Create one-of-a-kind printed tees at
I Need A Beer Pinback Buttons
I Need A Beer Pinback Buttons by NSKINY
View more Funny st patricks day Buttons at
Rub Me For Luck Irish Mugs
Rub Me For Luck Irish Mugs by HolidayObsessions
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Green Beer St. Patrick's Day Party Invitation
Green Beer St. Patrick's Day Party Invitation by windyone
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Mean Green Drinking Machine Tees
Mean Green Drinking Machine Tees by HolidayObsessions
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St. Patrick's Day Drink Coasters
St. Patrick's Day Drink Coasters by nonstopshop
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Irish Pirate Mugs
Irish Pirate Mugs by HolidayObsessions
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Ireland Trucker Hat
Ireland Trucker Hat by HolidayObsessions
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St Patrick's Day Coaster
St Patrick's Day Coaster by Jamlanddesigns
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smile Leprechauns Pillows
smile Leprechauns Pillows by yuhrenhuang
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Funny Green Beer Phone iPhone 5C Covers
Funny Green Beer Phone iPhone 5C Covers by EYEcase
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Luck of the Irish iPhone 5C Case
Luck of the Irish iPhone 5C Case by tigressdragon
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Kiss Me I'm Irish Buttons
Kiss Me I'm Irish Buttons by HolidayObsessions
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Green Shamrock Damask Throw Pillow
Green Shamrock Damask Throw Pillow by mazireland
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Irish-Stache Button
Irish-Stache Button by creativetaylor
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Happy St Patrick Day Cover For iPhone 5/5S
Happy St Patrick Day Cover For iPhone 5/5S by noboringwhite
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Funny Irish Beer Drinking Gifts Post Card
Funny Irish Beer Drinking Gifts Post Card by Funkart
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Irish Girls Rock Postcards
Irish Girls Rock Postcards by My_Lucky_Charms_Tees
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Drink mode on St. Patrick's day Post Cards
Drink mode on St. Patrick's day Post Cards by Thinkdifferent
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St Patricks day Pillow
St Patricks day Pillow by digitalcult
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Lucky Lucky Postcard
Lucky Lucky Postcard by apollo335
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Irish Mustache and Pipe Postcard
Irish Mustache and Pipe Postcard by HolidayBug
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Patchwork Shamrocks Tie
Patchwork Shamrocks Tie by HolidayBug
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Irish Quotes Shamrock Jewelry
Irish Quotes Shamrock Jewelry by Shamrockz
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Irish Chick T Shirt
Irish Chick T Shirt by fightcancertees
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Peace Love Irish Tag For Bags
Peace Love Irish Tag For Bags by LushLaundry
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I am Irish! Shirts
I am Irish! Shirts by noboringwhite
Get the best custom shirts online at
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