Monday, February 24, 2014

How to use Pinstamatic to make Pinterest more fun?

I discovered this tool yesterday. This is what you get when you go to Pinstmatic
It's pretty cool. Let's try it.

The first icon/button on the top is the globe. It will make a website easily pinable! Type in your site's URL on that white space, click Preview and wait...You'll get a screenshot of it! All you have to do next is to PIN it to a board of your liking on Pinterest. You can edit as usual.

The second one are quote marks. It will make it easier to pin inspirational quotes or text. Pinterest doesn't like text. Pinterest is a visual board. You must think of text as image if you want to share it on boards. You will have to dress it a little. Pinstmatic has this tool that will give your text a nice style. All you have to do is text what you want in the white box. If preparing a quote provide the author in the second space bellow. Pick a different style and watch the result. When good, PIN it!

The third one is sticky note. These virtual notes look like their real world counterparts and are for short messages to your followers. Again: you can't use plain text on visual boards. So, choose a color, enter some text and press 'Pin' - that's it!Look at my example - I did use it, it's actually on my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board.

The fourth is SPOTIFY button. I'm a big fan of this service because I listen to music all the time. You can create a pin of a favorite song and its album artwork. If Spotify knows the track, a set of matches will appear. Choose the one you want and then press 'Pin'. If your followers have a Spotify account, clicking on the pin from your board will play the song in Spotify! 

The sixth button is the bird from TWITTER. Add a pin of your Twitter profile. It will provide a simple visual representation of the profile and their last tweet which your followers can click on to take them to the corresponding Twitter page. Just enter the username in the box and press 'Pin'. This Twitter button did not work for me.

The seventh button is a calendar. You can add a date to a Pinterest board, maybe to show what date the board relates to or to let your followers know when St. Patrick's Day is. Just enter the date in the white box. You can use the pop up calendar or manually enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Then press 'Pin' Again, this tool did not work for me. 

The eighth button is for location. To pin a map, enter a location or address in the top box. Matching locations from Google will appear, select the one you want. This button worked. But do you see that box for Description? I wrote it but after pinned it disappeared. I went to Pinterest and re-wrote it. Not nice.

Do you want to see how my Pinterest board is after using Pinstamatic? Here it is. I hope this simple tutorial is useful to you. 

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