Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Using Zazzle Affiliate Helper to pin to Pinterest, of course!

Pinning. Yes, I've been pinning. It's time consuming and a bit boring, isn't it?  Anyway I found this tool Googling for the best and easiest way to pin from Zazzle to Pinterest and decided to try it.It's called Zazzle Affiliate Helper and it was developped by the person who runs this site called Just sold on Zazzle.

I added my associate ID in the box and when I hited the search button something changed. Pin buttons showed up over the products. Some of the products displayed were pretty cool but I wanted to do a search for a certain type of products. The tool allows that. All you have to do is to add a search term or store name to the big box. As I'm into chevron pattern products right now I wrote chevron. This is what I got! Cool, hem?

So, now let's do the pinning and see how it goes. I piccked Charcoal Gray and Coral Chevron Custom Monogram. Then I picked the board of my choice and pinned it. After I checked the source and it was ok, my referral number was there. Also, when I click Visit Zazzle or See this on Zazzle I am redirected to the right page where to find the product. It was easy! In my opinion it's a tool that works and that can save time. A keeper!

The person who created Zazzle Affiliate Helper has four stores at Zazzle.
If you are using this FREE tool, you can consider pinning some products from these stores. 

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