Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blogging about quitting smoking


World No Tobacco Day is coming! On May 31 a lot of people, non-governmental organizations and governments will organize various activities to make people aware of the health problems that tobacco use can cause. There will be public marches and demonstrations, a lot of us will find this day to be the perfect moment to encourage people to stop smoking. Thinking of it I created a line of cute and simple products on Zazzle - Quit smoking please! Have you checked it? 

Quit smoking please dart boards
Quit smoking please dart boards by noboringwhite
Look at other Quit Dartboards at
Quit smoking please shirt
Quit smoking please shirt by noboringwhite
Check out more Quit T-Shirts at Zazzle

Do you smoke? I used to smoke when I was a teen. But it was really something I was just doing to fit the group. I never enjoyed it that much. Once I realized my health was more important than the pleasure I took in smoking I quitted cigarettes. I realized that I did not become less popular in the group. That was a great choice I did. But I only realized it when my father decided to quit cigarettes. It was very hard for him. For me was easy. I was not, yet, addicted to the habit of smoking! 

Have you ever tried to tell someone to leave the cigarettes behind? If you did you know. Smokers give us lots of excuses to not give up smoking. If you pick a shit of paper and ask a smoker person to write the reasons to quit smoking that shit will be full soon. There are more reasons to quit than reasons to smoke! But even in black and white smokers will cling to the one or two reasons they feel justify the smoking. My father, for example, he feared to gain weight. It seems to be true that people will gain about 5 kilograms. But they can do something about it. Why not starting to do some walking after dinner or leaving the car at home some days of the week for starters? It does not mean that the extra weight will be there forever. After a while a person can lose it! Is that such a terrible thing? And if you’re a skinny smoker, then you don’t have anything to worry about, right?

I wrote in my previous post about secondhand smoke. When my father quitted no one was paying attention to passive smoke. But, yes, now it’s already known that people next to smokers inhale toxic smoke as well and that’s harmful. Many people does not care about what they are doing to themselves. But hey will be immediaty concerned if we mention the consequences of their actions upon others. So secondhand smoke might be an interesting argument! Another idea: there is no safe range for smoking. With cigarettes the only way to stay safe is not to smoke. To smoke less will not improve a smoker’s health in anyway. Also, smoking speeds up your ageing process. So, why? Why to accept it? Why not fight it back? Learning to live without smoke is hard but once a smoker regain control of their life I am sure that is one triumph that person will never forget! My father did not forget!

Well, there are lots of things we can discuss with a smoker to try to convince them to quit. I believe that to quit smoking today is as difficult as it was for my father 40 years ago. But today smokers can find a lot of information and support easily. To know that there’s a community of people in the same boat as they are can be a great help for smokers. My father attended some local group meetings and kept in touch with the other smokers by phone. Today we have internet! I found interesting material on the internet about quitting smoking.There are lots of sites, forums and blogs. I sellected just a few blogs for you.

The first blog it's called QUIT CIGS 4FREE - "You’re going to stop smoking. Don’t worry about it, just know that it’s going to happen." It's written by Rob. He says he used to smoke a pack a day for over fifteen years. After many unsuccessful attempts, he gave up cigarettes over seven years ago and have never been tempted to smoke since. Inspiring, isn't he?

Then I found another one called CIGARETTE ZOOM. The blog is about quit smoking and celebrity gossip!

Become an Ex it’s about learning to live your life without cigarettes.

I CAN QUIT is a site maintained by the Australian government but useful to anyone who needs to quit tobacco.

Do you know an interesting blog about quitting smoking? Leave the link in the comments section! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chrome Cube Lab - have a new Rubik's Magic Cube experience!

On this month of May it's the 40th birthday of the Rubik’s Cube, which was created by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Erno Rubik in the spring of 1974. I wanted one badly but my parents refused to buy me one at the time. Then a friend got one. As soon as I got the cube in my hands I did not find it very amusing. Unlike Mr. Rubik who spent weeks trying to solve his own invention after a few minutes I was already bored with “the Magic Cube"!! Puzzles were not my thing and still aren't! Meet Erno Rubik! 

Rubik's Cube is reportedly the bestselling puzzle toy ever. Roughly one out of eight people on the planet, by some estimates, have tried their hand at solving the cube. The puzzle fell out of fashion in the late 1980s but made a comeback in the early '90s and it's still selling well today!

Chrome Cube Lab is a new experience about the Magic Cube you can try online.

“The Cube was born in 1974 as a teaching tool to help me and my students better understand space and 3D. The Cube challenged us to find order in chaos. Since then, technology has made fantastic progress in bringing new possibilities to how we learn and how we tackle bewildering complexity.

Chrome Cube Lab takes full advantage of that progress by encouraging curiosity and problem-solving skills—the very reason the Cube was created in the first place. I can’t wait to see people learn about three-dimensional objects through their browsers and to test the limits of what is possible when the Cube gets re-jigged using cutting edge web technologies. Cube on!”

-Professor Ernő Rubik

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Using Wanelo to get more sales

I decided to join Wanelo. Wanelo helps you get your Zazzle store products in front of more people.  Wanelo gets its name from the terms Want, Need, Love. Wanelo is something like a big online catalog from a large number of stores organized by users themselves. I keep reading it's the place to be if you have a store online, big or small. Unlike Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any other, Wanelo is purely a social shopping website. What does this mean? It means people go there just to browse products and shop. Yes, Wanelo makes it possibly  to purchase items directly from vendors in a very easy way.You can use Wanelo to showcase stuff you sell.That's awesome. Using it to increase sales sounds a natural thing. I’ve been trying Pinterest for a while, and yes, it gives some exposure. But I kind of feel like it’s more crafts and DIY oriented site. With Wanelo it’s all about shopping. At first sight it looks very geared towards fashion. But I found enough variety of items already to keep me interested!

Wanelo is the ideal site to show products to potential buyers. In fact it looks better than Pinterest for that because you already know that everything you see there it's for sale. People can save products to their Wanelo's.If I save a product this means I like it. So, saving a product I created may be a sign that someone liked the product and maybe that there is an intention to buy it.It can give me some clues on what to do next.

Wanelo is great because it is built for sharing. Every time you search, hover over a product or visit a page you can Save, Share and Follow , Wanelo it’s a community experience. 

How to Use Wanelo? It’s rather simple. All you need to do is to create a personal account and post your Zazzle URLs products to Wanelo. This is simple. All you have to do is pick a product and click on it. Posting items from my Zazzle store using the bookmarklet  or the Wanelo Chrome extension is just easy. Automatically it adds the product image to the site. Then you must pick the category your product fits in. Then update the product description, check if price is right and don’t forget to add some hashtags for it. Hashtags are a quick and easy way to help products get discovered. It’s done. Later you will get to see a big Buy Now button that links to the product purchase page on your Zazzle store, another button that indicates how many times the product has been saved by others. From there you can pin to Pinterest, share on Facebook or  Twitter also. Before this you should take care of your profile. Add a photo or a logo that identifies you and your business, pick a username, write a short bio,  connect to Facebook and Twitter. It's done!

After joining Wanelo I Googled some info because I wanted to know how to increase my sales. It wasn’t a surprise. People are saying the usual. It’s the same for every site or social network you join. You have to make it work for you. It does not happen automatically. Here's a summary of what I learned:
  • One important thing for sure is to post good content. It does not matter if you’re selling products or if you are writing a blog. This is the golden rule. Post good, original, unique content. So I decided to bring only my best products to Wanelo, the ones I really feel confident about and not all the products I create. I think that we must be selective here. I shall see if the good people will save and re-save as expected. I sometimes have doubts on what potential customers prefer!
  • The other important thing is to be active. That’s quite a problem for me and most Zazzle creators. It’s hard to create and to promote at the same time. What happens most of times is that when I am having fun creating new  Zazzle products I forget completely about promotion. But this is the way to do it. It’s two faces of the same coin. You will not succeed if you don’t make that extra effort! With Pinterest I found that is useful to schedule the pinning. At a certain hour I pin some products and I’ve been trying to do it every day.
  •  Create collections of your products and other’s Zazzlers too. When doing this we must think about shoppers profiles. A shopper is a person that has a defined style. So fill that collection with products that potentially will fulfill that person’s style or needs. You will need to do products segmentation. There are lots of ways to do this: Holiday, Sports, Colors…Why creating collections of other stores than yours? Because those products will reveal your taste and preferences and this is how you also build a reputation as a trusted seller. People will check the person who created that particular nice collection and probably will get to your products also. You can also make collections from stores that sell complementary goods to the ones you provide. Mixing products is a good idea to please customers looking for complementary goods.
  • Engage in commenting whenever you can but don’t force a sale, don’t force marketing efforts, don’t sound artificial. Be sure you offer useful insights and advice! One thing I read is that we should find products that are similar to ours, to look for connections between it. It will be nice to point out those connections relevant to others in a comment. You can adress users directly by mentioning (@username) while commenting on products and stories. There’s also story reposting.
  • Create stories. What are stories? I haven’t created any story yet.  A story is a paragraph of text that focus around a group of products. Stories can include external links to a blog or your Zazzle store. A story can include several brands or type of products. Stories must generate discussions and comments, create surprise, not easy. But you can use it to make announcements or any other thing you feel like saying to your followers.You can  include hashtags in your story.When you publish a story, it goes out to all of your followers. They can also be embedded on a blog. Stories can be easily shared to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as a single image of up to 9 products. Hashtag pages are created automatically when products and stories are tagged. So don’t forget to use it in stories also because they are useful, very useful.
  • Adding SAVE buttons to your site will allow visitors to post items onto their personal pages. Zazzle made it easy to pin products to Pinterest from our stores. With Wanelo you don't have a button showing all over your products. Wanelo Extension for Chrome works fine. But you can also share a product via SHARE button inside your product creation area. Click it and then hit the HARROW button and type Wanelo on that tiny search box. The Wanelo button will show and the connection to Wanelo is created allowing you to post. Probably there's a lot more about Wanelo that I will discover after a couple of more days using it. But this is the basics. It's pretty simple, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No smoking! Fight secondhand smoke or passive smoke!

World No Tobacco Day - May 31 is coming! So I decided to create a line of products to spread awareness about the need of quitting that smoke addiction. You can see an example of the Quit smoking please! Zazzle products I have now available at the store. What do you think? I like the poor heart a lot! He looks really miserable!
Quit smoking please dry erase whiteboard
Quit smoking please dry erase whiteboard by noboringwhite

Everyone knows that smoking isn't good for your health. It can affects you in many ways. But it was only when I did some research for a book that I found out that the smoke released from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker are very dangerous to health and especially to children. At least 250 chemicals in secondhand smoke are known to be toxic or carcinogenic. Harmful residues from secondhand smoke linger in household dust, air, and on household surfaces and are difficult to remove. This was a surprise to me and I consider myself as relatively well informed. Kids are often exposed to environmental tobacco and face an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory infections, middle ear disease, more severe asthma, respiratory symptoms, and slowed lung growth.

Quit smoking please pullover sweatshirts
Quit smoking please pullover sweatshirts by noboringwhite
Inhalation of smoke produced by others [that which comes from the tip of a burning cigarette or that a smoker breathes out] is detrimental to the health of children. It is called passive smoking. The air polluted by smoke is more dangerous than the smoke that goes into the mouth of the smoker after it's passed through the filter tip, for the harmful substances are more concentrated.

During pregnancy, the inhalation of smoke by women reduces the growth of the fetus. Exposing the baby to secondhand smoke increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - sudden and unexpected death of a baby under a year old, with no explanation of the cause.The smoke has immediate effects visible in children: irritation of the eyes and nose, headache, sore throat, nausea, cough and respiratory problems.

Children breathe faster than adults inhaling comparatively greater amounts of more than 400 chemicals in cigarette smoke released in the form of particles and gases. Children are more prone to illness because their immune system is still developing. Harmful substances may also be responsible for increased severity of sinusitis and pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia, asthma and middle ear infections (otitis), which may even lead to deafness and onset of cancer.

The best way to solve this problem is ... No Smoking! If you do smoke, there is more reason for you to impress on your children the idea that it's not a healthy habit. The family is the primary source of examples for a child, whether good or less good. Smoking is not cool. It does not make anyone one more popular, smarter, more famous, more beautiful. If you are parent who smokes mark the World No Tobacco Day - May 31 - on the calendar and celebrate it with your children.

We all know that the smell of cigarette smoke clings to our skin, clothes and hair. But the tobacco leaves residue everywhere: on walls, carpets, curtains and furniture - even in your car! Toxic particles persist after the visible smoke has disappeared and pose a particular risk to the wellbeing and health of infants and children. Opening the windows of your home or vacuuming the carpet and the sofa does not make these particles disappear! Children are thus exposed to these substances continuously.
The best solution to this problem is ... No Smoking. Do you really want to continue to smoke? If so, please, always do it away from home. Oh, and do not smoke when you take your kids for a drive. Convey to your family, friends and colleagues that they too cannot smoke near your kids. Do not smoke when you are taking care of them or playing with them. Do not let children play with lighters, ashtrays and cigarette packets. You can also make sure that the day care centers, schools and places of leisure activities know and comply with the legislation of non-smoking. Inform yourself and inform others about passive smoke. It's the health of your children that may be at stake!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chocolate with lots of colour

You must check this chocolate brand called Unelefante. It's handpainted! Why? Because we love colour, don't we? Brown, noir and white chocolate were not enough!
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