Saturday, October 4, 2014

12 Halloween decor ideas and my cute spooky postcards

Halloween. It's that time of the year when everything turns orange. Or orange and black. Or black and orange! Or purple and orange! Halloween isn't a big thing in my country. But I love it! 

I found a lot of creative projects for children and adults. It's really crazy to see how much work people put into decorating their houses or creating their Halloween costumes or their children treat holders. Here's 12 ideas I really enjoyed and my Halloween Spooky Postcards Collection available on Zazzle! Just letting you know in advance that you can customize the background color on all of them and use your own words and fonts! Pretty cool to play with that.

1. An amazing Halloween pop up treat box here!
2. Vampire Coffin Halloween Treat Pouch here!
3. Cute Broom Lollipop here!
4. Halloween carboard tube bat candy holder here!
5. The adorable Boo Box here!
6. The Bat Wind Chime here!
7. Gorgeous Halloween Cookies here!
8. Dulce de leche pumpkin cupcakes here!
9. Ghosts in a cloche here!
10. Halloween Eyeball bouquet here
12. Easy Halloween Door Decor Ideas here!
Design your own picture postcards on zazzle.
The Halloween Scary Frankenstein
The Halloween Scary Frankenstein by noboringwhite
Shop for Night Postcards online at
Halloween Spooky Boy Postcard
Halloween Spooky Boy Postcard by noboringwhite
See other Halloween boy Postcards at zazzle
The Spooky Halloween Skeleton Postcards
The Spooky Halloween Skeleton Postcards by noboringwhite
View other Trick or treat Postcards at
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