Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to buy great Zazzle gifts for him online

Chadburn - Ship's Telegraph - Wall Clock

And before head to my kind of Christmas gifts for him catalogue bellow I want to ask: how do you buy that perfect gift for a guy? What do you think? Are there any rules or good advice one can follow? When I think men in general I think about their hobbies, (tools) what sports they like, if they’re into fitness, if they’re activists (environmental, politics, human rights) if they like to cook (kitchen utensils) or if they are into food or drinks, I sometimes think about the job or what they do to relax (books, movies, travel), if they like animals...! I never offer clothes neither to men nor to women. I think its way to personal choice...And you? 

Dark Blue and Purple Cool Computer Circuit Board Wall Clocks
Find another Wall Clock at Zazzle

One thing I just don’t care much is the financial status of the recipient. Honestly I can’t afford that. When I offer a gift to a guy in Christmas usually I spend less in it than for his birthday occasion. It’s just that my budget is often limited this time of the year. 

Also Christmas is a time when I give all sorts of gifts for all sorts of reasons: I give because the person belongs to my family, I give because I have a special relationship with a person, (boyfriend, neighbor) I give because I want to express my gratitude for something a person has done for me in the current year, I give because I belong to a certain circle (co-workers, gym pals) and we’re having a Christmas gift exchange. So, over Christmas not rarely you find yourself giving gifts to casual acquaintances, good friends, lovers, family and even pets! One year I was so short on money that I was forced to make the choice of just offering gifts to children. But that left me uncomfortable in the moment I accepted gifts. Christmas isn’t about the money, people must know that. The fact that you remembered the person and worried to find an even small gift should be enough. Just a simple token of appreciation. 

One good idea is the personalized items. Many enjoy it, egotist nature or not, to have his name engraved on a gift. And this is where Zazzle can be a nice place to find the perfect gift for a guy. Many Zazzle products allow you to personalize the words with the name of a person or a personal message. And it's really easy. You can find examples of products that you can personalize in these selection of gifts for him. Every item was handpicked from Zazzle marketplace. Enjoy the creativity of Zazzle talented artists!
The Kiss, 1907-08 Accent Pillow
The Kiss, 1907-08 Accent Pillow by bridgemanimages
View Gustav klimt Accent Pillows online at zazzle
Cassette Tape 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates
Cassette Tape 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates by jahwil
Look at more Urban Chocolate Boxes at zazzle

Time for Chopin Piano Keyboard Cutting Board
Time for Chopin Piano Keyboard Cutting Board by ForTheMusician
View Blackboard Cutting Board online at zazzle
pug bad coffee mug
pug bad coffee mug by leeder
Create a unique personalize coffee mug from zazzle.com.
Home is Where the Wine is Cutting Board
Home is Where the Wine is Cutting Board by JunkyDotCom
Browse Wine Cutting Board online at Zazzle.com
Funny Prescription Whiskey Flasks
Funny Prescription Whiskey Flasks by jZizzles
Find more Funny prescription whiskey Flask at Zazzle
Football skull flasks
Football skull flasks by jahwil
Check out other Football Flask at zazzle.com
Vintage Bad Boy Dartboards
Vintage Bad Boy Dartboards by SpaceChimpOriginals
See other Cowboy Dartboards at zazzle
Racing Stripes Personalized Floor Mat
Racing Stripes Personalized Floor Mat by reflections06
Shop for Auto Sets of Car Mats online at Zazzle.com
Aggressive Scary Ping Pong Paddle
Aggressive Scary Ping Pong Paddle by J32Teez
Check out Aggressive Ping Pong Paddle online at zazzle

Turntable Computer Sleeve
Turntable Computer Sleeve by takeablasttothepast
Check out more Retro Laptop Sleeves at Zazzle

Football Soccer Pillows
Football Soccer Pillows by sports_store
Check out these Pillows at Zazzle
domino clock
domino clock by PipsTime
Shop for additional Wall Clocks
DJ Disco Music iPhone 6 case
DJ Disco Music iPhone 6 case by zlatkocro
See more Music Casemate Cases at zazzle.com
I tried it at home t-shirts
I tried it at home t-shirts by GoodToGoTees
Get the best custom tees online at zazzle.com
Beer Men Cave Time Clock
Beer Men Cave Time Clock by J32Teez
Check out Men Wall Clocks online at zazzle
pipstime wrist watch
pipstime wrist watch by PipsTime
Look at other Minimalism May28th Watch at zazzle.com
Chadburn - Ship's Telegraph - Wall Clock
Chadburn - Ship's Telegraph - Wall Clock by SteamTime
Look at Gear Wall Clocks online at Zazzle.com

Captain's Mug Mug
Captain's Mug Mug by HarpstringsDesigns
Put your photos on mug designs at zazzle.com
Handyman Spiral Note Books
Handyman Spiral Note Books by aura2000
Shop for Tools Notebooks online at Zazzle.com
Personalized Baseball Backpack
Personalized Baseball Backpack by suncookiez
Look at Retro Drawstring Backpack online at Zazzle.com
Aerodynamics Scarf
Aerodynamics Scarf by camcguire
View other Antique Scarves at Zazzle.com
Superstar Father Scarf Wrap
Superstar Father Scarf Wrap by FabulouslyFestive
Check out other Fun Scarves at zazzle.com
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