Wednesday, December 16, 2015

For all Star Wars Fans! No spoilers on this blog!

This Chrome extension blurs a page if 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' spoilers are detected. I don't believe it will work 100%. There are similar tools for social media.

Some sites and blogs just don't care about movie or book fans. All they want is to get more and more "Likes", "Followers" or "subscribers". So they are constantly posting what they think has potential to go viral. Right now Star Wars new movie is what everybody is talking about. I know many fans want to get the best experience at the movies. I was a child when I watched Star Wars. It was memorable of course! Many adults that watched the movie like  I did and generations after that grew watching Star Wars saga have great expectations about The Force Awakens. So I will not spoil it for them. As an avid moviegoer I  totally agree that the best way to watch a movie is without previous knowledge about it. This blog will stay spoiler free. If you want to write about this movie - or any movie - you can  post a notice saying 'spoiler free' or not on your post and then the fans know if it's safe or not to read it. No need to annoy anyone, right?

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