Friday, December 18, 2015

Great Star War posters artists

If you like movies most probably you enjoy looking at movie posters also. Some are quite remarkable. Hence everybody is pretty excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens - I read it's the biggest movie event of the year, maybe the decade - I am posting about three great movie poster artists I admire.

Tsuneo Sanda is a renowned Japanese artist who has illustrated many prints, posters, and other illustrations for Lucasfilm over the last ten years. If you like Star Wars universe you have to know his work!

Tsuneo Sanda created this piece of work for Comic Con 2015 Portugal that took place early this month of December at Porto.
This is one of his latest works. "My latest work is “Dream Maker,” a paean to Mr. George Lucas and the great contributions he has made over the years. It depicts a valiant and supreme Emperor who still wields power over the Star Wars World."

Tsuneo Sanda, 
Lucasfilm official artist & Disney official artist

This man was a master of his art. Visit his site and you'll be marvelled. Probably you have seen his “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” international poster or Godzilla's. Noriyoshi passed away in October.

And then there's Drew Struzan’s work. Above you can see the poster that's still in my head when I think about the first Star Wars movie. It has been more than 30 years and I still like it. It's simple but striking. The duality between the dark and the light (hope) says it all. 
This amazing artist has created so many posters of artists and movies I watched in the ’80s and ’90s! And they are incredible. You may remember his posters from Harrison Ford in Blade Runner and or Indiana Jones as well.

Do you know more renowned Star Wars poster artists? If you do let me know!

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