Tuesday, January 5, 2016

100 Valentine's Day Greeting Cards and counting!

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Hello friends and followers!

This is my first post of the new year!It's about...VALENTINE's!

Why do people hate Valentine’s Day?! Valentine’s Day will come and go, it’s just a holiday. What really matters is the way you live love around the year.For  every day can be a reason to celebrate life whether you’re alone or with your sweetheart.

Many say that Valentine’s Day is depressing for those who are single. Well, I don’t feel depressed when it’s Valentine Day. I never did! You can argue that this is because for many years no one cared about this holiday in Portugal. I don’t exactly know when we imported the celebration. Still I don’t remember ever feeling depressed about it! 

All those people who say Valentine’s Day is awful because it reminds us that we are alone, well they don’t get the all picture. I think I was never worried about my single status. They say that to be alone is bad; on the contrary to be a couple is good. I don’t see it that way. To be alone or to have someone has good and bad, neither will guarantee perfect and never-ending happiness.  Neither of it is all good or all bad. Also, I don’t get affected by public demonstrations of affection typical of the 14th. For me, it’s all cool. I even think people don’t do it enough. I don’t remember the last time I saw a couple walking the street hand in hand!

Couples feel annoyed by this holiday also as they are pressured to make something special for the occasion! Oh, come on, really?! Love can be a daily celebration and it can skip heart shaped cakes and red roses. Why get upset by that? Normal can be great, I mean an almost unplanned romantic getaway in October can be as good - or better -  than a most anticipated dinner on the 14th. As I see it what can be a real problem is when Valentine's Day expectations of the couple aren't exactly the same. Whatever you decide to do must be a joint effort. The couple must talk it through and get a consensus. It can be easy or not, it all depends on how seriously each of the members takes the holiday. But, remember, it’s just a holiday. It will go away. It’s feelings you have for each other that really matter. 

Valentines's is a profitable time of the year for shops. Valentine’s looks just another day to exchanging gifts, a kind of Christmas in February. It sorts of reduces love to another commercial event. And Valentine’s Day-themed items are sometimes too silly, too much of red and pink, too many winking Cupids right?! But designers can change it, there’s still hope! By this time many shops inflate prices as much as possible. Flowers and night-outs can be very expensive on Valentine’s. Gifts are appealing for the young but adults are unconsciously attracted to shopping also! One thing I agree. Many people will buy things the other half does not really need.Or maybe they feel obliged to spend money even if they can’t or should not spend it.They'll end up feeling bad by that pressure and no need for that, I agree. Again, the feeling each one has for each other is more important than all this gifting ceremonial.

Enough said! I am a fan of greeting cards in every festive occasion of the year and my only regret is I don’t get enough of it since the internet and mobile phones took over the great communication scheme! 

So let’s talk Valentine’s Day Greeting cards! Many of you exchanged these cards with classmates in grade school. Or maybe you've given them to your mother. And now you expect to receive one from your sweetheart or significant other on February 14th.That’s why I made a thorough search for Valentine’s Greeting Cards on Zazzle marketplace.

There's a Valentine Greeting Card to please everyone in my selection – from contemporary digital designs to more traditional ones. Finding new and unique ways to express one’s love has become a challenge for artists, just compare vintage and modern style. I hope you can find in this selection one Greeting Card  that's perfect for your special someone!

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