Sunday, March 26, 2017

100 Baby shower invitations and announcements! to buy online!

Baby shower!  It wasn’t a tradition when I was born and I think  still isn’t. A Baby Shower is a party held to celebrate the coming birth of a new baby. The Mum-to-Be is “showered” with gifts and favours. Baby Showers are hugely popular in America and UK.Usually someone who's not a relative throws the shower, anyone except the mum-to-be and dad-to-be do it. My mom had lots of friends but nevertheless, I did not get a baby shower. Any time after conception is fine for a baby shower but later is better because it is safer. But the shower can also take place after the baby is born. Ideally, a baby shower should not be held at the mum-to-be house because it means work – it’s a party with gifts, food, cake, games, everything. Someone will have to do the cleaning after the party. Invitations are important! That’s why I picked a list of 100 baby shower invitations from Zazzle. It may help you pick one if you’re looking. Here they are! Enjoy!

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