Monday, March 27, 2017

Greeting card design market evolution and trends

This morning while googling for greeting card design and printing trends for 2017 so I could learn what to do next I found this site. News aren't that good but it's old data from 2015. Well, it's not news at all because most of us know by experience that we're receiving less and less greeting cards and sending maybe even less. The greeting card industry is struggling to stay relevant in the digital age.You can follow the link to learn more but here's the summary: personalized photo greeting cards witness strong sales; E-Cards cannibalize market opportunities for paper greeting cards; boxed card sets are in demand; handmade luxury cards gain traction; business greeting cards are on demand.

More recent data available here and here and in this last site I found these words:

-" Younger card buyers and those who are more technology savvy are currently the ones most engaged in buying paper greeting cards online.

- Most people now acknowledge many more birthdays than ever before because of Facebook, but they aren’t necessarily sending fewer cards as a result.

- The tradition of giving greeting cards as a meaningful expression of personal affection for another person is still being deeply ingrained in today’s youth, and this tradition will likely continue as they become adults and become responsible for managing their own important relationships."

As for 2016-2017 trends I found this site that says hologram foil and all things iridescent, botanical vibes, and Nº 10 format! I also found this article inspiring:

- "The distinctively bright colour combinations and dynamic patterns so redolent of 70s décor get a fresh update on a range of modern products;

- Bold geometrics, metallics and an aura of luminous luxe characterize this ultra-glam trend. Think high-shine, high design, max desirability;

- This direction sees eye-popping colour, modern materials and strong, graphical influences across a vibrant selection of products for a very hot new season. Also look out for neon brights across stationery, cards, home and fashion accessories;

-Here the aesthetic is fluid; the palette soft, warm and natural. This direction sees smooth, organic influences bringing calm sensuality across all lifestyle sectors;

-Pattern, material and texture reference a tribal, natural vibe in this tactile direction. Away from pure neutrals, colour is vivid."

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