Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lovely suggestions of Christmas gifts for babies and children


It's time to promote some of my favorite online artists. If you want to be promoted drop me a line on this blog's comments section and I will. Just write a small text about yourself and your work on POD stores. And don't forget to leave me the link to the store you want me to promote! I will cut and paste your text into my blog as an introduction. Happy sales everyone!  

Lyudmila Lavrentyeva was born in beautiful town Uzhgorod, in Transcarpathia.
Graduated from Uzhgorod School of Applied and Decorative Arts - metals department.
Moved to US with her family in 1989.
Also graduated from Parsons School of Design NY- illustration department in 1994.
For 8 years worked at a fast paced children's book company as a graphic designer.
Today Lyda works as a freelance illustrator, graphic (and web) designer at her NJ studio.
She hasn't a lot of products in her store. Have a look at these wonderful products for kids!

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