Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Spiritual, New Age, Arabesque and Arabic, kaleidoscopic and hypnotic gifts anyone?

Hello! It's promotion time! Have a look at Webgrrl's beautiful intricate creations. Not for everyone but undoubtedly unique! In the artist's own words: "Self taught, driven by passion. digital Artist, specializing in alternative style, unique designs. Themes and styles I design include: Symbolism arts like Om symbol for yoga and meditation, Yin Yang symbol of balance for holistic energy, Peace symbol for the bohemian and hippie souls. Visionary and Psychedelic arts inspired by my love and life in the Psytrance community. Mandala, patterns, and colors - it is my kind of meditation, where I just throw some digital elements with the current trending color swatches and see what artistry manifests..."

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