Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Out of this world Valentine's Day Cards and matching gifts from Zazzle

Valentine's Day can mean lots of different things or nothing. It's really up to you. It may be just an inconvenient rush for flowers and dinner reservations. It may be just the most romantic time of year. It may be a serious occasion or it may be a fun one. It may be an out of this world celebration too! It's up to you... Love it or hate it, 14 February is just a pair of weeks away. It's time to pick that special Valentine's Day card, don't you think? Here are 4 suggestions of out of this world Valentine's Day cards and a few matching gifts! Have fun!

You make my universe sweet Valentine's Day Card

And don't forget to look for matching Valentine's Day gifts!http://bit.ly/2AbrmJW - Visit PAPELUSTRO store!

New slightly vintage Valentine's Day Cards from PAPELUSTRO

Clock is ticking speedier than Cupid's arrow! It's time to select a card for your favorite heart person!
There are so many kinds of love... and so many ways to share it! Send Valentine's Day Cards to someone special this year! And don't forget to check the store for matching products! http://bit.ly/2AbrmJW - Visit PAPELUSTRO store!

The coolest Valentine Card

Fresh, spicy, sweet and juicy Valentine's Day Cards from Papelustro

Send your favorite heart person a custom Valentine's Day greeting card that's sweet, spicy, or just their flavor!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just a bunch of old fashioned Christmas Greeting Cards


I've been promoting a lot of Christmas products from Zazzle artists and I almost forgot to promote some of mine! Here it is! It's just a few Christmas Greeting Cards. Many of these were bought by customers many times.

This year I didn't create many Christmas themed products because I lacked the time for it.I've been exploring digital collage instead. I published several of my collage creations already. You can find it at my alternative store that's called PAPELUSTRO.

In PAPELUSTRO store you can find two lines of products created for the holiday season featuring two birds commonly associated with Christmas:

1. The Robin red-breast bird
2. The red cardinal bird
Christmas Cardinal bird collage Card
Christmas Cardinal bird collage Card
by papelustro

3...and one - Christmas in Australia  - featuring a kangaroo! ( You can read about the kangaroo here! )
All these Greeting Cards and other products can be seen on NOBORINGWHITE store, at Zazzle:
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