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This is me, Maria Fernandes AKA Belinha Fernandes. Welcome!

About No Boring White

Ending with POD boring products whiteness one by one! Our promise is to let life a little less gray, everyday. Discover our colorful, modern, funny and elegant designs for everyone, for every occasion. Clothing, acessories, cards, postage, art, posters, electronics, photo gifts! Products for you, your house, for the office and even for your pet. We design. You customize and personalize. You get. Easy. Life is colorful, yeah!

About what you'll find on this blog

- A sample of the products I design - I have three brands (PapelustroNo Boring WhiteA Portuguese Love)

- Posts promoting my stores and products and fellow artists' stores or products. This blog is focused on printed products.

- Posts promoting useful, creative and/or inspirational ideas namely DIY links.

- Episodes of my ever boring life and faits divers!

About legal stuff, copyright, stores and products mentioned on this blog

In this blog I highlight products I design for several POD -print on demand companies. I will receive a percentage of sales in the form of royalties if any one purchases a product via this blog.

Should any of my visitors purchase any of the associates/affiliates products highlighted here I will receive a percentage of the purchase value in the form of referral fees.

All copyrights relating to the designs featured in this blog belong either to me or the associates/affiliates I choose to promote. You may not copy or reproduce it whether for personal use or for profit. I have permission to do so as I am a member of those POD or an Affiliate program.

If you buy a product I designed I am responsible for the design/illustration you’ll get in the final product. If the product does not please you in some other aspect I cannot be responsible for it as I have no control over production/printing or shipping.That's POD's responsability.

If you buy an product from an associate I am promoting and become dissatisfied with the purchase I cannot be hold responsible if you are not pleased with it. I pick associates products according to my personal taste although I try to highlight and suggest best buys to the this blog visitors.

About POD - Print on demand - companies 
FAQ about Zazzle here
FAQ about Cafepress here
FAQ about Society6 here
FAQ about LiveHeroes here
FAQ about Redbubble here
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