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Halloween spooky party tables for kids

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Halloween also takes place around the table.  Decoration sets the atmosphere but to play with food can be allowed also. can be an occasion of great fun for kids. Imagination has no limit so you can display some spooky foods on the table!But, beware! It can amuse some, it can fright others. Creepy food can bring chills to the stomach! What can you get when you enter Halloween Party? Maybe a Bloody Hands Punch or a Kitty Litter Cake? Well, this one was gross! But Sweet Monster Cupcakes are cute and Hairy Daddy Longlegs is fun! There are lots of ideas over the internet. Finger foods, body organs of all types, bones and tasty brains to eat. Anything goes! One of my favorite is pâtés transformed in little brains that you easily make using molds. It looks real!Yes, I know, I'll never grow!

If you don't like the idea of having strange body parts as food on your table you can just go for a simple Halloween table decoration. I am showing you some Halloween Zazzle products to spookify your table. It's place mats and Melamine plates. I hope you enjoy my sellection! 

1.Dining table place mats from Zazzle are 100% woven cotton place mats are designed to complement any Halloween dining room. Vibrantly printed in full color. The size 20”x14”. 100% woven cotton. The fabric is made from natural fibers, which may result in irregularities. These table place mats are made in the USA and machine washable.

Black Cat Halloween Pattern Place Mats
Black Cat Halloween Pattern Place Mats by saradaboru
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halloween placemat
halloween placemat by sivkabyrka
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HaLLOwEEN NiGHT Placemats
HaLLOwEEN NiGHT Placemats by DarkPresenceArt
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Trick or Treat on Halloween Place Mat
Trick or Treat on Halloween Place Mat by noboringwhite
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Halloween Ghost Place Mat
Halloween Ghost Place Mat by DoodlesHolidayGifts
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Vintage Halloween Scene Placemats
Vintage Halloween Scene Placemats by MyVintageCats
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Halloween Bat Cartoon Placemats
Halloween Bat Cartoon Placemats by Bluedarkat
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Halloween Bat in Tree Placemats
Halloween Bat in Tree Placemats by Peerdrops
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2. The Melamine Halloween Plates are perfect for celebrating a special occasion like Halloween or creating a one-of-a-kind dining set. You can use at Halloween Party. Fill it with  delicious cookies and let the kids discover the design beneath. They are non-toxic and dishwasher-safe. Melamine Halloween Plates are 10" diameter  and printed in vibrant, full-color printing. Don't fear, they are drop and break resistant to little monsters! Just don't take it to microwave. 

Pumpkinheads Party Plates
Pumpkinheads Party Plates by kinhinputainwelte
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Red Riding Hood Sugar Skull Dinner Plate
Red Riding Hood Sugar Skull Dinner Plate by colonelle
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Halloween Plates
Halloween Plates by aquachild
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