Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jo James makes amazing contemporary folk art

Hello friends and Zazzlers!

I want to use this space to share the work of amazing artists other than Zazzle's. Some of them may have stores at Zazzle too. But they create handmade work and they sell it using blogs and personal sites or places like Etsy. I guess it will not be boring! What's your say?

This happens mainly because I love handmade work. Most people does. I think handmade creations are somehow more authentic and likable. Maybe it's because we can't find two exactly the same. That tiny amount of difference is what makes each piece of work unique and less perfect than something that's mass produced. But that's why we like handmade. Because it reminds us of ourselves. We all are individuals, we are unique. And each one of us is a work of art! Instead of cold and automatic machines handmade creations have humans in control of the process.  A machine uses energy to create a product. An artist uses passion. A machine works without breaks and fast. A person takes time, a person breathes between the process, dreams, laughs, cries. A person has a life. That's why handmade things have a soul. They were made out of a maker's inspiration. To create an handmade piece is a labour of passion. 

Now let me share with you the wonderful creations of Jo James, from Portland, Oregon. She creates contemporary folk art. Jo uses fabric, painted cloth, wood, ink and other materials to create characters - owls, pandas, birds, cats, or dolls inspired by Alice, clowns and more! They are both sweet and odd. Each one is unique and fabulous. Jo James has great artistic skills and an incredible imagination. You must check her blog The cart before the horse if you want to get a glimpse of how all this magic happens. She sells at Etsy. There's also a great Facebook Page you can follow. 

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