Monday, November 4, 2013

Gifts from Zazzle stores you should not miss this Christmas!

Hello friends and Zazzlers

This week did not start well for me. I got the flu! My parents had it, now it's my turn! It's called family solidarity! So, this is the week I planned to start  promoting my new Christmas products for the season. But first I want to thank those who were the first to show their appreciation for my new Zazzle store. I have a list of the first 38 persons that Liked No Boring White Facebook Page right here. Thank you!

To have this kind of support while I was struggling to adapt to Zazzle changes and the opening a new Zazzle store after almost an entire year of withdrawal from Zazzle...WAS IMPORTANT! I felt really like a newbie! A bit disoriented, a bit helpless! So I am doing some extra promotion for you people here on my new blog before I start doing my own thing.

I don't use Pinterest yet. But these posts will be tweeted and will go on Facebook too.Is this ok for you? I guess so. I will now  search your Zazzle stores for pretty things. I'll pick 3 items from each of you Then I'll make three posts with 39 pretty things each. Are you ready? Let's go!

1. From Kelly Cavender: lovely penguins, dreamy butterflies and dots! 

Monogram Sea Bubbles iPhone 5 Case
Monogram Sea Bubbles iPhone 5 Case by CaseIt

2.From Tanya Hall: a cute dog in the snow, the gingerbread twins and a cute dragon and friends

Dragon & Penguin Christmas Card, Season's Greeting
Dragon & Penguin Christmas Card, Season's Greeting by moonlake

4. From Tricia Rennea Wilson: just look at these sweet, sweet penguins!

Would you like a Candy-Cane? Shirts
Would you like a Candy-Cane? Shirts by candystore

6.From Keiko Wada: the most cute japanese black cat!

7. From Valentyna Chukhlyebova: amazing pics pf flowers and...a cactus! Outch! I love cactus!

Magnolia Cards
Magnolia Cards by PhotosVac

8. From Thomas Wuthrich: humour for your fridge!

Funny Magnet For Flower Gardeners
Funny Magnet For Flower Gardeners by Swisstoons

9. From Sherry Nicholas: let's get abstract but peaceful with Nicholas's creations!

10. From Kat Gagliano: a passion for cats that comes in many shapes and colors!

11. From Jena Paul  - I think Jena Paul isn't selling at Zazzle! I love his work.

Find Jena at Spreadshirt

12. From Raven Sky: a lucky woman that gets to be in touch with Nature many times. A purrrrfect kitty! Plus warm colors with sea mammals in a very naiif and pretty way!

13. From Carolien Bloom: Enjoy great patterns and rich details from Carolien!
Grey and Red Starry Circles Placemats
Grey and Red Starry Circles Placemats by Zandiepants

Next Monday I will list more 13 persons and 39 creations! Stay tunned!

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