Monday, November 4, 2013

Gifts from Zazzle stores you should not miss this Christmas!

Hello friends and Zazzlers

This week did not start well for me. I got the flu! My parents had it, now it's my turn! It's called family solidarity! So, this is the week I planned to start  promoting my new Christmas products for the season. But first I want to thank those who were the first to show their appreciation for my new Zazzle store. I have a list of the first 38 persons that Liked No Boring White Facebook Page right here. Thank you!

To have this kind of support while I was struggling to adapt to Zazzle changes and the opening a new Zazzle store after almost an entire year of withdrawal from Zazzle...WAS IMPORTANT! I felt really like a newbie! A bit disoriented, a bit helpless! So I am doing some extra promotion for you people here on my new blog before I start doing my own thing.

I don't use Pinterest yet. But these posts will be tweeted and will go on Facebook too.Is this ok for you? I guess so. I will now  search your Zazzle stores for pretty things. I'll pick 3 items from each of you Then I'll make three posts with 39 pretty things each. Are you ready? Let's go!

1. From Kelly Cavender: lovely penguins, dreamy butterflies and dots! 

Monogram Sea Bubbles iPhone 5 Case
Monogram Sea Bubbles iPhone 5 Case by CaseIt

2.From Tanya Hall: a cute dog in the snow, the gingerbread twins and a cute dragon and friends

Dragon & Penguin Christmas Card, Season's Greeting
Dragon & Penguin Christmas Card, Season's Greeting by moonlake

4. From Tricia Rennea Wilson: just look at these sweet, sweet penguins!

Would you like a Candy-Cane? Shirts
Would you like a Candy-Cane? Shirts by candystore

6.From Keiko Wada: the most cute japanese black cat!

7. From Valentyna Chukhlyebova: amazing pics pf flowers and...a cactus! Outch! I love cactus!

Magnolia Cards
Magnolia Cards by PhotosVac

8. From Thomas Wuthrich: humour for your fridge!

Funny Magnet For Flower Gardeners
Funny Magnet For Flower Gardeners by Swisstoons

9. From Sherry Nicholas: let's get abstract but peaceful with Nicholas's creations!

10. From Kat Gagliano: a passion for cats that comes in many shapes and colors!

11. From Jena Paul  - I think Jena Paul isn't selling at Zazzle! I love his work.

Find Jena at Spreadshirt

12. From Raven Sky: a lucky woman that gets to be in touch with Nature many times. A purrrrfect kitty! Plus warm colors with sea mammals in a very naiif and pretty way!

13. From Carolien Bloom: Enjoy great patterns and rich details from Carolien!
Grey and Red Starry Circles Placemats
Grey and Red Starry Circles Placemats by Zandiepants

Next Monday I will list more 13 persons and 39 creations! Stay tunned!


  1. Thank you Belinha for sharing some on my cases, it is an honor to be included on your blog. Also, I would like to thank you for being a wonderful friend on Facebook and Zazzle. You are an awesome lady, I love your designs, and look forward to seeing many more. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Thank you so much, Belinha! I do appreciate your kindness in sharing my products. Love your blog! I also hope you feel better soon.

  3. Thank you beautiful! You selected some very nice designs there. Hope your flu shoo's away and you bounce back in top health asap. I can't believe how once again another year is nearly over and Christmas is only weeks away.. xox

  4. Thank you so much Belinha for featuring my flowers postcards in your great blog!! Love your designs too!! Have a nice and creative week!!


Your words add color to this blog! Come back often! I enjoy having you here at No Boring White!

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