Friday, March 14, 2014

How to use PINWOOT to get more followers, repins and likes

I am still trying to find ways of making the most of my Pinterest account. I made some pinnning already. I got mixed feelings about it. It's fun and boring at the same time! But I discovered awesome products while doing it. It's still early to know if I'll make more sales or not using it. In the end I enjoyed looking at my boards. But I know I am not doing it 100% right. I often forget to use tags and to write solid descriptions! Well, well...

Meanwhile I found this app thing called PinWoot and decided to try it. We can use it without spending any money. But from previous experiences I know that sooner or later, if it works, I'll have to buy at least the smallest package they offer. What we get when we spent money at Pinwoot is a thing called "seeds", there is, credits or internal currency. The concept of Pinwoot is based on currency. How do we get free seeds? It's simple: we repin and like and follow other people's stuff. And how do you spend these "seeds"? You use it to promote your pins, or "paying" other pinners to repin, like and follow you and your stuff. 

Pinwoot is easy to use.

- I signed up and I was asked to link my Pinterest account to Pinwoot. Then I got this board I am showing you. 

From the red row on the top I clicked No Boring White Menu and then Profile and I was asked to pick 5 interests and write short BIO. On Account Information I was asked to set value for my seeds - "Seeds/New Follower. The more this value, the quicker you get new followers". I let it as I found it, at least for now! You'll find the FAQ also in this menu list.

- On the left, on the dark board, you can Follow Pinners, Repin and Like pins. There's also a great feature that allows you to Schedule pins-free users can schedule only 60 pins/month. And a Promotion feature that you will use to add links of pins you want to promote. This is it! In w few weeks I'll let you know about my experience with Pinwoot!

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