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Blogging about quitting smoking


World No Tobacco Day is coming! On May 31 a lot of people, non-governmental organizations and governments will organize various activities to make people aware of the health problems that tobacco use can cause. There will be public marches and demonstrations, a lot of us will find this day to be the perfect moment to encourage people to stop smoking. Thinking of it I created a line of cute and simple products on Zazzle - Quit smoking please! Have you checked it? 

Quit smoking please dart boards
Quit smoking please dart boards by noboringwhite
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Quit smoking please shirt
Quit smoking please shirt by noboringwhite
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Do you smoke? I used to smoke when I was a teen. But it was really something I was just doing to fit the group. I never enjoyed it that much. Once I realized my health was more important than the pleasure I took in smoking I quitted cigarettes. I realized that I did not become less popular in the group. That was a great choice I did. But I only realized it when my father decided to quit cigarettes. It was very hard for him. For me was easy. I was not, yet, addicted to the habit of smoking! 

Have you ever tried to tell someone to leave the cigarettes behind? If you did you know. Smokers give us lots of excuses to not give up smoking. If you pick a shit of paper and ask a smoker person to write the reasons to quit smoking that shit will be full soon. There are more reasons to quit than reasons to smoke! But even in black and white smokers will cling to the one or two reasons they feel justify the smoking. My father, for example, he feared to gain weight. It seems to be true that people will gain about 5 kilograms. But they can do something about it. Why not starting to do some walking after dinner or leaving the car at home some days of the week for starters? It does not mean that the extra weight will be there forever. After a while a person can lose it! Is that such a terrible thing? And if you’re a skinny smoker, then you don’t have anything to worry about, right?

I wrote in my previous post about secondhand smoke. When my father quitted no one was paying attention to passive smoke. But, yes, now it’s already known that people next to smokers inhale toxic smoke as well and that’s harmful. Many people does not care about what they are doing to themselves. But hey will be immediaty concerned if we mention the consequences of their actions upon others. So secondhand smoke might be an interesting argument! Another idea: there is no safe range for smoking. With cigarettes the only way to stay safe is not to smoke. To smoke less will not improve a smoker’s health in anyway. Also, smoking speeds up your ageing process. So, why? Why to accept it? Why not fight it back? Learning to live without smoke is hard but once a smoker regain control of their life I am sure that is one triumph that person will never forget! My father did not forget!

Well, there are lots of things we can discuss with a smoker to try to convince them to quit. I believe that to quit smoking today is as difficult as it was for my father 40 years ago. But today smokers can find a lot of information and support easily. To know that there’s a community of people in the same boat as they are can be a great help for smokers. My father attended some local group meetings and kept in touch with the other smokers by phone. Today we have internet! I found interesting material on the internet about quitting smoking.There are lots of sites, forums and blogs. I sellected just a few blogs for you.

The first blog it's called QUIT CIGS 4FREE - "You’re going to stop smoking. Don’t worry about it, just know that it’s going to happen." It's written by Rob. He says he used to smoke a pack a day for over fifteen years. After many unsuccessful attempts, he gave up cigarettes over seven years ago and have never been tempted to smoke since. Inspiring, isn't he?

Then I found another one called CIGARETTE ZOOM. The blog is about quit smoking and celebrity gossip!

Become an Ex it’s about learning to live your life without cigarettes.

I CAN QUIT is a site maintained by the Australian government but useful to anyone who needs to quit tobacco.

Do you know an interesting blog about quitting smoking? Leave the link in the comments section! Thank you!
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