Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interstellar funny meme

I found this on Facebook page  and had to share it. I watched the movie as soon as it premiered because I do enjoy sci-fi movies. Honestly I had some trouble understanding it! Some of the comments made on the page are just hilarious! Have to share it with you guys!

- Does this mean that i'll go bald after watching intersellar...?
- At this movie, if you go to bathroom, you'll lose 23 years of do your jobs before movie.
- things you need to study before watching the movie: Theory of relativity, basics of a worm hole and black hole, time characteristics, multiple dimensions virtual theory, etc etc.... awesome movie by the way
-and more importantly, the murphy's law...
-Don't blink while watching interstellar,each blink costs you 17 minutes
-I went to the bathroom in the black hole scene. When I came back, everyone was older.
-I watched the movie and understoond it.Now i work at NASA.
- Nolan's hobby: Hurting brains.
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