Sunday, October 25, 2015

Learning English everyday!

I am always trying to master the English Language! Learning English requires practice. Today Internet offers so many resources. When I was in school I just had my books, my teachers and american movies and cartoons! I stopped learning English when I left highschool. But I learned a lot outside of class, there are different sources to improve English knowledge. I remember I subscribed some English magazines for one year or two. I also read some literature in English language, a few of the classics and poetry. I watched many English series in my youth. Many of it were from BBC. I also watched lots of americans movies. Today I still am an avid movie goer. That's how I expanded my vocabulary. English and American songs were also a big help. Whenever I bought a record I would explore the lyrics. Today is so easy to find songs lyrics, there are internet sites dedicated to it! The internet is a fantastic resource. Lately I've been founding these lists. It help a lot. It's an easy and fun way to refresh vocabulary! I guess I will make a new Pinterest board soon!

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