Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How to best use Pinterest?

OMG, I just came across a list with over 100 tips to get the best out of Pinterest.It's a never ending list! Sometimes it's hard to know what's good (useful) or bad information about Pinterest. I wrote about Pinterest already  but I felt I needed an update on it.

This is a summary of a few tips I consider relevant. Some tips I knew already and some were trivial like adding Pin buttons to your site or sharing pins in Facebook or Twitter. Lately, I've been away of social media novelties. With just a few reads I already learned a few things. I also found out that Pinwoot is now Viralwoot. I used Pinwoot to promote visual content almost a year ago.With it we can publish and schedule Pinterest pins for free for some time. I hope this summary is helpful for my readers also!

1-Be patient, - I need to tell this myself all the time - you won’t grow the following of a group overnight.If you’re lucky some of your pins will go viral and will bring tons of traffic to your account. If you have time pin several times a day and space your pins.

2-Pin what is already viral. This looks a bit silly but it actually works.

3-You can try different image styles and orientations and sizes but vertical images with no faces are more likely to be re-pinned, says the legend. No, wait, it's not a legend.Pins look best when they’re vertically oriented.(I keep forgetting this!) The best aspect ratio for Pinterest images is 2:3 or 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels. You can use CANVA  - an online tool. Canva has premade templates that are 735 pixels wide by 1,102 pixels tall (a 2:3 aspect ratio). You can also create mosaic pins. I like that.

4-If you’re not a designer and because Pinterest is all about the pretty you will need mockups and stuff like that. So you can use resources like these ones: 

CANVAdrag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics

- PINKMONKEY: it's a photo editor. Basic editing tools, basic touch-up tools, fonts, overlays, basic textures and frames and basic effects are free.

QUOZIO : turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds.

(Please, if you know of similar resources, let me know! Thanks!)

5- Images may have a text overlay on top—a headline or description.Use correct capitalization and punctuation. Make no language mistakes - this one isn't easy for me unless I'm using The Portuguese language! Use strong fonts that are easy to read. 

Some sites where to find fonts - many aren't free, as you see - to use or just for inspiration are:

- 1001 FONTS -

- FONT SQUIRREL - free fonts but read all about the uses licenses allow


a directory of web fonts for the world to use.

- LETTERHEAD FONTS - amazing site with beautiful work

- I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY  - interesting site about typography

- MY FONTS - Fonts and other resources

Worry-free, perpetual font licensing for everyone.Thousands of fonts with easy licensing for desktop, web, ebooks and apps.

- TYPEKIT - subscription font service that brings thousands of fonts from foundry partners into one library for quick browsing, easy use on the web or in applications, and endless typographic inspiration. (There's a free plan)

- FONT SHOP - great fonts and free fonts

a showcase of typography and design

6-Share at optimum times and this means... Saturday mornings?!! Wow, this one was new for me. Best schedule according to experts is: 2 PM- 4 PM and 1AM-8PM.I don’t rely much on the statistics for the best pinning time. But you never know.

7-Optimising is the word to keep in mind! So, prepare yourself for the job, get your patience mode on and work on board covers, titles and descriptions – they must be keyword rich. Keyword rich and not silly meaning people must be able to search it.You can include up to 500 characters in description.And this one surprised me: no hashtags?!

8-Mention what or who you are pinning so people know that you are sharing their content.

9-Organize rows of boards by interest, frequency of pinning, content, whatever.Rearrange boards when you are pinning seasonal or holiday stuff.Most important boards should come first.

10-Pin from the original site and check to look if the link is working.Check for broken links from time to time.

11-Engage.Talk to your fellow pinners, leave a message, say hello, say thanks, say WTF!
Yes, leave comments on pins that you enjoy or find relevant.

12- Find popular group boards via PinGroupie and contribute to it.

14 - Apply for Rich Pins for your website or blog.Rich pins are a free Pinterest feature intended to add greater detail and information on the pins themselves. (I need to check this one!)

15 -Special request! If you know any good advice on Pinterest please leave it on the comments  section and I will add it here!I appreciate it and thank you in advance!

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