Monday, November 30, 2015

Working out!

Hi there! 

Today I bring to this blog something totally different! I am not promoting anything but good health and a fit body! How about that? I know, I know, it's cyber monday, I should be promoting some cool gifts for Christmas! But I have to tell you about my workout experience! It has been ages since my last workout, really. I don't remember the last time I did something like this. All I do to keep my muscles and skeleton entertained is long walks. I walk fast for 6 to 8 km twice a week. 

Last week I came across this video and I liked it. I don't know if it's a good or bad workout because I don't have the knowledge to judge it, I am not much into fitness. But all people should workout a bit and special people like us who spend a lot of time on the desk sketching, painting and at the computer. I watched it and thought - "I could do that"!! So easy! I could do that in the middle of my sitting room, why not?


As I am doing those long walks for some time now and I feel fine I guessed it would not be a problem to do this set of exercises. I decided to try it and be careful.

Low-impact exercise are movements that involve less direct force on the body potentially reducing the risk of injury. I liked that. But...if it's low impact how many calories will it burn? I would like to loose some weight.I like the toning promise! 
It looked so easy! 30 minutes a day!When I read this I thought - I am so totally doing it!In the video there's this girl doing the exercises and you get a voice off explaining everything. Probably there's tons of videos like this one on Youtube but I found it effective. So I dressed for the occasion and pressed PLAY!
 Jog in Place Jacks - this initial exercise was a piece of cake. I started well and ended well the three times. 
 Windmill Steps - OMG, the first time I did this one my coordination was terrible! What was I doing with my arms? Second time was better the third time was OK!
 Static Squat Punches - I really liked this one! Had to improvise with two bottles of water! I have two red weights just like the ones girl is using. Have to look for it - for next session, of course! It went well!
Static Lunge Curls - Oh, boy, the first time couldn't get my balance straight! But it was cool, it was cool. The third time my legs were begging for mercy!How can this be difficult?! No way! If you think it's will be easy, right? WRONG!

Static Lunge Tricep Extensions - I was doing this exercise and thinking that I should get a mirror in the sitting room. Was I doing it right? It looked too easy! The third time I did it I understand that I wasn't doing the right thing with my arms! 

Fingertip to Toe Jacks - on the second round I was sweating, breathing hard and started cheating! On the third round I was thinking, OMG, this is NOT a piece of cake! Conclusion: I belong to a category that precedes the beginner category- is there a name for it?!! 

Stutter Steps - I am in such bad shape! Why am I walking miles?! This crossed my mind when I was on Round 2 and on Round 3 I gave up the exercise in the middle! My legs were hurting like hell! I then realized that I would bfar in worse shape if I wasn't walking! Ok, THE END! Runned to the shower and made a pact with myself. I am going to do this everyday until Christmas. My objective isn't to look like the girl who's probably half my age and has a nice lean figure. But I have this question pumping: will I be able to do all the routine with a smile on my lips until Christmas? I'll let you know in a couple of weeks! 

P.S. I took a look at the site Fitness Blender and it looks very nice! Maybe after Christmas I'll digg more into it!

Update!- I have done the workout four times so far! I am doing better everyday and that's helping me to keep going!

Update! - Day 9 and I am on it! 
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