Monday, March 27, 2017

Baby and children birthday party invitations you can buy online

"One, two, three, four 
lots of cake and toys galore. 
Five, six, seven, eight 
it's your party so don't be late!"

Hello! Today I was in the mood for searching Zazzle's marketplace for cute baby and children birthday party invitations. Paper goodies are a favorite of mine. Were you fond of birthday parties when you were a kid? I was always ready for next birthday party and for that special cake my mother used to bake. 

From time to time I enjoy looking around Zazzle marketplace and discover new stores and new designers. I used to add my favorite store names to a list on the right side of this blog. Unfortunately, I hardly touched Zazzle for almost a year. I stopped creating and promoting. I missed the routine but life sometimes gets complicated. I was also pretty annoyed with illustration theft. Oh well, it's fun to get back and find novelties.

OMG! I think I got a bit carried away, it's way more than 100 suggestions! Enjoy my findings!

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