Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Redbubble and State Library Victoria #createarthistory

Redbubble teamed up with Australia’s State Library Victoria, one of the busiest libraries in the world, to create independent art history. Redbubble asked artists to create designs inspired by classic works from the Library’s immense collections. The library delivered a few files and we were expected to remix and reuse and do our own thing. The themes available were Magic, Weird and Wonderful Creatures theme and Botanicals. Supplied images for the contest could be directly manipulated and used in the final piece, although could simply be used for inspiration.

A few years ago I used to enjoy doing traditional collage. I started doing digital collage also as soon as I learned how to use Photoshop. But not for too long. This was an excellent opportunity to re-engage that activity and I really enjoyed the experience. I created 18 different digital collages but they aren't complex works. Isn't that amazing? It is, it is. I was kind of addicted to the process. I decided to keep to the resources available as much as I could. 

These collages are available at Redbubble store in several different products. They were not created aiming for sales but for the simple pleasure of exploring creativity. Anyway, some look very great on products so I don't have a doubt that they will please my buyers enough. Here's the result. What's your favorite? You can find it at my Redbubble Store.

Peachy Dog

Cactus Safe House
Lemons and blue strip pattern
Dragons and Lemons

Tulips collection

Lily Peacok Vintage
Freedom is magic

Reading Rhino
The ship of fools
Queen of Hearts
Mermaid and her red fish pet
Orange Alien Nation
Lamia will find you

Our Flower Owl

Believe what you want
Kangaroo Christmas

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