Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pierre Poiteau, peaches and veggie dogs collage

Today I bring you a funny digital collage called Such a peachy dog. Pierre Poiteau, peaches and veggie dogs collage! Do you think this dog's a veggie or what? For Such a peachy dog I used a botanical illustration of Pierre Antoine Poiteau called Abricot-pêche.

Among the names of flower painter artists, none is more famous than that of Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840), who received the patronage of French Royalty. Another contemporary of Redouté was  Pierre Antoine Poiteau (1766-1854) who was both a botanist and botanical artist.

Pierre Antoine Poiteau was born in Ambleny, near Soissons, of very poor parents, and was illiterate when he began as a garden laborer at the Jardin des Plantes in 1790. His intelligence and enthusiasm, however, were recognized by the head gardener, André Thouin, who had him appointed as a 'gardien' at the botanical school of the Muséum Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle, where Poiteau was able to fill the gaps in his education and complete his botanical training. For three years he attended every botany lecture held at the Muséum, and he excelled in drawing and painting, which he was taught by the museum's resident artist Gérard van Spaendonck. Continue to read about Poiateau's life and work on this page or check some products with Such a peachy dog print!

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